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About Me,
Hi I'm Bill Hewes a 63 year old local Rhode Island artist. My main medium of choice is acrylic and waterbased enamel paints. I worked in the building trades most of my life. I did roofing, concrete work, carpentry, painting, drywall hanging and mud (joint compund) work and I'm sure I left something out. I did a lot of work over the years on old buildings. So I did a lot of work with the old horse hair plaster and we even painted cellings and walls with an eight (8) inch paint brush on some jobs.

In 2009 the doctors put me out of work for good because of my back and legs. After being in and out of work so many times. I became disabled in 2009 and sat around the house for more than a year. One day I got up out of my recliner and told my wife, I know what I'm going to do "I'm going to start painting art!!!" She said your not an artist and of course I said yes I am look at the work I've done over the years. Plus I've always liked art. So I started painting landscapes because I watched Bob Ross like everyone has and then I did seascapes because I live by the ocean and then I started painting Optical Art and of course Abstract art. So my main style of painting is abstract.

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